The emotional transition into retirement is considered in these retirement workshops which are endorsed by the following professionals.


Endorsement by Christine Andrews
BA 1988 (Majors: Sociology, Psychology)
Certificate of Competence Plan and Conduct Assessment of Learning Outcomes

”The Next Step’ pre-retirement workshop adequately covers the emotional, spiritual and physical aspects of retirement. These are vital elements often overlooked in such workshops.

The course offers tools for self examination and change management, vital components in decision making and goal setting, for this important stage of life. I believe that the experiential nature of the course will open up new horizons for the third stage of life by giving it new meaning.

In retirement people are faced with the challenges of fear that life is over, regret over choices made in the past, lack of meaning and redundancy. People are called to reflection and to come to the point where they realize that it is the quality of what they think and say that makes them valuable members of society, not how fast or busy they are. This workshop offers such opportunities.”

Awareness of the emotional transition is a vital component of the programme.


Endorsement by Rene Stevenson
Clinical Psychologist

“With this innovative and comprehensive workshop, ‘The Next Step’, Potential Unlimited have identified a crucial, but often neglected, phase of adult development – the transition from an active work life into retirement is addressed. As most individuals prepare for the financial implications and consequences of retirement, but often not for psychological, social and spiritual factors, this programme, which is carefully designed, insightful and sound, does just that. It sensitively guides participants in understanding, and working through, many of the often complex and distressing challenges and losses that they face at this time of change, e.g. loss of self-esteem, changes in identity, personal values, relationships, and sense of meaning.

Individuals are also assisted to generate visions and goals, to enable enlivening possibilities for a fulfilling and meaningful future post-retirement. Participants learn new skills, attitudes, ways of thinking and behaving in order to find fulfillment and well-being in the retirement years. Drawing on well-recognised theories of learning, adult development and change, the couple incorporate experiential, creative exercises with sound theory and useful, practical information to ensure participants can assimilate and integrate the experience and knowledge. This much-needed and timely programme is highly recommended to benefit employees in creatively managing the transition from work into retirement.”

Once again the programme gives focus to the emotional transition.


Endorsement by Dr Neill Stevenson
CAMDEV – Centre for Advanced Management Development

“In my, more than twenty years, experience as an organizational and leadership development consultant, I have not come across any other programme that as effectively addresses this gap as the one designed by Potential Unlimited.”



Endorsement by Dr HA Barnard
Industrial and Counseling Psychologist
UNISA Senior Lecturer – Dept of Industrial & Organisational Psychology

“It is my opinion that the content of the workshop covers the most important aspects related to the psychological impact of retirement and how this should be pro-actively managed in order to make it a constructive and fulfilling experience. I particularly appreciate the interactive nature of the workshop design and believe the workshop will be experienced as valuable by participants.

Ultimately, I find the content and the design of workshop activities to be congruent to the workshop objectives initially set. Completion of the workshop will enable participants to reach these workshop objectives in an interactive manner. The workshop should enhance a positive attitude towards this lifestyle and enable participants to design a retirement plan which they will be committed to.”

See online programme. for details of how the emotional transition is covered.