Pre-retirement Seminars

Retirement Seminars – The Next Step Programme: One Day Seminar

The ‘Next Step Programme’ is designed to prepare individuals for the complex emotional challenges faced at this crucial time of change.

It is not always possible for an organization to have a large number of employees away from the workplace for two full days so this one day, and in some cases even a half day seminar can be arranged, has been developed to take those people who are close to retirement through a quick lecture style programme so as to make them aware of some of the emotional and psychological potholes on the journey into retirement.

The content of the programme is similar but participants do not have many opportunities to do the experiential exercises of the two day programme and would be expected to do a lot of the work related to preparing an adequate retirement plan during their own time. This requires a certain amount of discipline and a deep desire to prepare adequately for the transition into retirement.

Retirement seminars are not as thorough as the two day participatory workshop but in a world where very little attention is paid to this very important life transition it is better to attend a seminar than to go blindly into retirement not knowing what to expect emotionally.

The format of the one day workshop is ‘lecture style’, which will allow for greater numbers of participants.

The course content is as follows:

  • Identity ‘who am I’ in relation to ‘what I do’
  • Motivation
  • Meaning of work
  • Benefits of work
  • Change
  • Response to change
  • Resistance to change
  • Managing change
  • Boundary protection
  • Perceptions
  • What is retirement
  • The stages of retirement
  • Psychosocial Development Stages – Erik Erikson
  • Managing Loss
  • Purpose & Meaning
  • Relationships in Retirement
  • Wellness Lifestyle
  • Goal Setting
  • Retirement Vision and Plans
  • New Lifestyle Plan

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