Pre-retirement Workshops

The Next Step Retirement Workshops

These retirement workshops comprise of either a one or two day programme.(Clients choice)
The content covers – personal, relational, spiritual, emotional and physical aspects related to this new life-stage.

The workshop format is interactive and experiential. Individual activities enable participants to explore their personal experiences on this journey.


  • Retirement Workshops expectations
  • Fears related to this new life-stage
  • Our identity: “Who am I” in relation to “What I do”
  • Motivation
  • Meaning of Work
  • Change
  • Response to Change
  • Resistance to Change
  • Managing Change
  • Boundary protection
  • Perceptions
  • Closure
  • What is Retirement
  • The Stages of Retirement
  • Psychological development stages (Erikson)
  • Managing Loss
  • Purpose and Meaning
  • Relationships in Retirement
  • Wellness Lifestyle
  • Goal Setting
  • Vision and Plans for Retirement
  • Retirement Plan

Read our Retirement Workshops feedback, endorsements or contact us for more information or to book a place at our one of our next retirement workshops. These pre-retirement workshops should be attended ideally between two to three years before your retirement date as this will give you an opportunity not only to work with all the material but to start your retirement plan and then review it a number of times before the actual date of your retirement. A significant benefit can be obtained by adequate pre-retirement planning and attention to the subject of the emotional impact and the preparation steps that can be taken.

Pre-Retirement Workshop Feedback

“The workshop was very motivating, interesting and provided
a more positive outlook on retirement.”
Meisie Smit, Brandhouse

“Thanks, a most meaningful and enjoyable programme.”
Reserve Bank

“Thank you for an enriching experience.
Reserve Bank

“Thank you. This workshop made me reflect and think about the feelings
and changes that will be presented on this new life journey.
Reserve Bank

“Most enjoyable and thought provoking’
Reserve Bank

“A well presented programme which has been hugely beneficial.
Chris Andrews

“A wonderful workshop, insightful and helpful. Well done.”
Shelene Saunders, Woolworths


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