Do it yourself workshop

Download your Potential Unlimited online retirement workshop in the comfort of your own home and work through it at your own pace. It is of added value if you included your partner in the process and examine all the areas which may impact on the satisfactory transition into retirement.

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This online retirement workshop has been developed based on the very successful two day live venue workshops which have between 6 and 12 participants working together and giving themselves time and space to prepare for this very important change and transition into retirement.

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There are a number of very important aspects to consider when you are close to or about to retire. Among others the benefits of work need to be considered. What are the benefits that you gain from working and how are you going to replace these when you retire from your job and have a lot more time on your hands. This workshop will help you in a systematic and guided way to consider the emotions involved and plan how you will manage the transition.

Another factor to consider before you retire is what impact it will have on the relationships in your life and what needs to be done in a number of spheres to prevent conflict and take the needs of all the important people in your life into consideration. It is within this context that you may want to consider what boundaries need to be put in place once you have retired. This online retirement workshop will help you work through these issues and make the transition in a managed and planned way.

Download the programme and enjoy the process!

DIY pre-retirement workshop



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