Retrenchment workshops

What is the value of a retrenchment workshop?

Coping with retrenchment.

A Guide to the “Psychology of Retrenchment”

There is a great need for business and society, to recognise that people who are retrenched may experience anxiety and depression. Retrenchment may take place at any stage of their working lives. In the light of this, it can be seen that work is something that is very important. This is true for most people in our economy. Furthermore, the the loss of work can have a major impact on a persons identity. Also it can influence what people believe about themselves. Equally, not accepting the change can have a negative impact. Likewise, not taking action to move on, could make matters worse.

When retrenchment has a significant bad effect on an person’s well-being it can be the start of a self-fulfilling downward spiral. Equally, this downward spiral can become a serious overwhelming concern. Likewise the pressure to secure a new job, may well undermine their ability to meet the very requirements to locate and secure new employment. Of course this is coupled with the decline of a retrenched person’s self-worth and confidence. In addition this can quickly become a vicious circle. Similarly failure to become employed leads to a feeling of worthlessness. This in turn leads to negative thought patterns and behaviours. Additionally, this frequently culminates with the onset of anxiety and/or depression.

A critical need for a retrenchment workshop

There is a critical need for retrenched people to be treated with dignity and respect. Our retrenchment workshop provides a dignified space and enough time to evaluate the situation. Personal time and space. Space to calmly reflect. Other people to exchange ideas with. Time to think. Additionally, an opportunity to connect with your worth.

This programme focuses mainly on the persons’ emotional journey related to job loss. A retrenchment workshop may be just what you need to refocus. You would then become aware that you do not have to give up hope. Likewise a person can gain various personal management tools. A person can establish a new vision and take charge of their life again.

Programme Content

  • Change – managing life’s difficult changes
  • Understand and managing emotions linked to retrenchment
  • Self-skills analysis
  • Understand what competencies are and how they relate to a job application.
  • Interview advice and techniques
  • Stress Management
  • How to regain control
  • Goal Setting/Action Plans
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